hard hats b4How often are you in meetings? Many of us sit through hours of meetings a week. A lot of project work happens in meeting rooms; planning, analyzing, and problem solving occur. We already talked about having an effective team, another way to make your team successful is to make sure you “walk the talk” during these meetings.

Use part of your monthly scheduled meeting time to get out of the meeting room and into your facility. Walk around the building, area by area. Look for energy opportunities and talk to people as you go. Ask employees if they have ideas or suggestions.

You’ll understand the opportunities when you see energy in action and build relationships with employees. They see the energy being used every day, and will have ideas on how to save.

Once you complete the area walk through, you can go back to the meeting room to discuss the findings. Dig deeper into the opportunities and create an action plan for implementation. This will help ensure actions are taken, team members are accountable, and energy gets saved.

So get out there and explore your building. You’ll engage your team, encourage employee involvement, and harness more opportunities.