SEG provides Energy Saving Programs to Utility Companies, Manufacturing, and Commercial verticals.

Energy Saving Services

Demand Side Management

SEG delivers more than 2x the savings as our competitors: Based upon a direct comparison of percent energy reduction at industrial sites implementing SEM in the Northwest


SEG offers a Strategic Energy Management program for large and multi-sited commercial end-users.

Manufacturing Services

A continuous improvement approach to energy management. Our approach relies on proven continuous improvement methods and provides consistency

Strategic Energy Management

In 2005, SEG implemented the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Continuous Energy Improvement initiative — a flagship project that has become the basis for today’s SEM industry. SEG has been a recognized leader in the field ever since.

My Energy Coach

Energy efficiency applies to every business, small or large. To help smaller organizations improve their energy practices, SEG has developed My Energy Coach, an innovative online, self-paced energy-efficiency coaching program that equips small businesses with the tools they need to implement and maintain a strategic energy plan.