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We are North America’s leader in strategic energy management.

Measurable results with customer’s achieved savings:

lifetime savings
lifetime kWh
lifetime therms

Eliminating 515,500+ tons of CO2 lifetime emissions

Energy Saving Services

Demand Side Management

SEG delivers more than 2x the savings as our competitors: Based upon a direct comparison of percent energy reduction at industrial sites implementing SEM in the Northwest


SEG offers a Strategic Energy Management program for large and multi-sited commercial end-users.

Manufacturing Services

A continuous improvement approach to energy management. Our approach relies on proven continuous improvement methods and provides consistency

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide environmentally responsible resource management that creates a competitive advantage for our clients and to provide a rewarding work environment for our employees.


Proven Results

“Our energy journey continues. We have saved a lot of $ and continue to have opportunity”

Greg Larson, Owner Pacific Pine Products

“It’s just astounding. I’m moved by what I’ve seen here and by what’s been accomplished.”

Wayne E. Gardner , State Public Utility Commissioner

” We found [Strategic Energy Group] to have the expertise to understand the challenges and opportunities that a property management company faces and customized the process to meet our needs and resources. Their engineering [team] did an excellent job helping us identify changes we could make that did not require capital.”

Khuzaimah Chhil, CBRE Limited

I highly endorse and recommend the work of SEG and the work ethics and expertise of their employees to any organizaation looking for exceptional leadership in the area of energy use/conservation.”

Dale Reitz, Parkland School District

“Through this program [SEM] Efficiency Nova Scotia has achieved verified energy savings that exceeded our expectations.”

Andrea Henwood, Efficiency Nova Scotia

“It is my pleasure to recommend SEG as a consulting firm for both their Strategic Energy Management program and their Continuous Energy Improvement program.

Stuart Ogren, Clovis Unified School District

“SEG is highly reliable and always on task. They bring innovation and experience to each project in which they participate.”

Ken Baker, Owner K Energy

“Our participation in SEG’s Continuous Energy Improvement program has provided us a strong competitive advantage by demonstrating how to use continuous improvement methodology to drive change and every level of our organization.”

Douglas Dittburner, Chief Engineer Campbell Company of Canada



SEG’s team includes experts with decades of experience in industrial operations. Since linking continuous improvement to energy management in 2005, we have applied this successful industrial SEM framework to meet the needs of numerous industrial clients.

Client Spotlight:

Since 2008, SEG has been working with J. R. Simplot Company Food Group to expand its successful utility program into a corporate initiative.

4-Year Savings 8%
10-Year Savings (on track) 25%

Energy Management

Energy Planning

Operational Change

Long-Term Adoption

The SEG Difference

A continuous improvement approach to energy management. Our approach relies on proven continuous improvement methods and provides consistency in delivery with enough flexibility for our Coaches to customize the approach for your business, meeting you where you are at.

SEG Coaches are C-Suite leaders: SEG coaches are industry and technical experts with past senior leadership and management responsibilities as compared to competing firms that staff with mid and entry level traditional engineering and project management skills.

SEG delivers more than 2x the savings as our competitors. Based upon a direct comparison of percent energy reduction at industrial sites implementing energy management in the Northwest, SEG delivered 2x the savings at a similar delivery cost.

SEG creates long-term culture change. Our implementation team hasn’t just read about organizational change management, they have made careers of successfully executing organization change in their own organizations.


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