Once you have taken the first step – engaging your energy sponsor – you can now move to the next step: building your energy team.
I’m sure most of you have been a part of a team at some point; whether it be a sports team or a work team. Most of the time, that team has a goal in mind…to achieve something specific. Everyone on that team wants to help achieve that specific goal and share in the success.
Now think about a work team. Have you ever been part of a team that aimed for greatness, but fell short of its’ potential? Maybe the group met often and talked a lot, but not much got done. This is a common problem.

Fortunately, this can be prevented by creating an effective team. In order to have a successful Energy Management program, your organization needs to have an effective energy team.

First, make sure you have the right people on board: that means an engaged executive sponsor, a passionate energy champion to lead the team, and empowered, committed members. Try to get a cross representation of your facility; this will ensure all areas feel a part of the team and program. team hands b4

Once the team is compiled, your team needs a shared sense of purpose to truly thrive. Create goals and operating guidelines to keep everyone in sync.
Have team roles and responsibilities is also an important factor in team success. Dedicate a team scribe, and an awareness and data champion. Include any other team roles you think will be important to accomplish team goals.

Finally, as you get down to business, learn to run focused and action oriented team meetings. Create specific action items that are tracked and measured. This will keep you accountable to each other and make sure tasks get accomplished in a timely fashion.

Implement these key elements and your team will achieve its’ goals, while also feeling empowered along the way.
Alright. Now go build your successful team and start working towards your energy goals!