Energy can sometimes be a waste we don’t see. We implement capital (or non-capital changes) but does anyone really notice a difference? How do you determine which energy projects have the biggest impact? Once the projects are implemented, how do you know they are effective?

Have you heard the saying: “What gets measured, gets managed”? That is something SEG finds valuable; measuring our energy consumption to a baseline; allowing your consumption to get managed!success b 3

Your company needs to know how you are doing in order to stay on track. That’s why tracking your energy performance is so important.
The first step is simply monitoring your energy usage–Collect energy data and analyze it, learning what variables affect your usage such as changes in production, occupancy days, or weather. Next, establish a target; identify savings opportunities and set goals. Finally, as you make improvements, design a score card to report the data to your team, presenting it in a form that’s easy to understand and motivates people to achieve targets.

SEG has a number of useful ways to help you analyze and track your energy consumption. Depending on your interest, there are simple ways such as Load Profiling, or more complex metrics such as MT&R modeling. We are here to help you measure and track your energy usage in a way that is meaningful to you and your employees and helps measure your success.

With this approach, you’ll gain valuable insight into your energy use, track your progress and effectiveness of improvement measures. So as part of your program, track your energy, and watch your savings grow.