road to awarenessWhen you think about successful initiatives in your organization, what are some key elements that lead to success? One thing that you probably thought of is that everyone in your organization needs to be aware that this initiative is taking place. This key element of success is also true of your energy program. To create a lasting and successful energy program, every person in your organization will have to be informed and get involved.

Involvement can mean a bunch of different things; from doing simple things like turning off the lights, to championing whole new initiatives. Ask people if they have ideas and if they have anything to contribute. Creating this awareness and fostering this willingness to change can be an uphill battle. In fact, research shows that problems engaging people is THE top reason projects fail. You are working so hard on this energy program, don’t let this engagement piece undo all your success!

In order to accomplish this awareness element, you will need a deliberate engagement strategy to communicate the program vision for change as well as the urgency. People will need to see where they fit in–what can they do to be a part of the change? Be interactive by creating a survey or asking people directly for suggestions.

Once you create and implement your awareness plan, an engaged workforce will begin to arise and they will care about saving energy and take ownership or the program. Your program will take on a life of its own, reaping rewards far beyond what an individual could accomplish. So don’t be shy. Go spread the message and create some awareness!