Org chart blog 7When you think about the successful program or practices in your business, what do they have in common? Do they have some documentation around the initiative…..of course!

Where would your organization be without a business plan? How about a marketing plan? Core elements of your business don’t succeed without solid planning, right?

Energy management is no different. Just like I have talked about in previous blogs, for your energy management program to be successful, you need to incorporate elements that have made other practices in your business successful. If you want results that continue long term, you need a Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP).

The SEMP document will pull all the core elements of your energy program together, making program fundamentals easy to locate and communicate.

This task should not be cumbersome, compiling this document as a team will cement everyone’s involvement in the process and ensure time commitment stays minimal.

The finished document will pull together all the strategies and tactics you’ve used to date, and lay out your plan to achieve future goals. It will serve as an important tool to share your learnings and goals with others who may lead the program in future. This is also a great way to share accomplishments with corporate or sister plants.

You’ve worked hard on implementing a successful program. Now it’s time to make sure the process is documented so it can be sustained into the future.

SEG has many SEMP templates to make this process easier. Contact us today to get started!