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Six Key Elements to Guarantee Success with Strategic Energy Management Program

Strategic-GearsIs your organization looking for a way to save money? Most companies are. What if I told you, your organization could cut 5% – 15% or more in energy costs without making large capital investments?

Thriving in today’s market sector is a challenge, therefore, so many organizations are trying to costs, wherever possible, to stay competitive and be more profitable.

Now, energy costs are a budget item being reviewed and companies are trying to understand how to save in this area. For so long, energy bills have been viewed as rent, “Here’s our bill; lets pay it.” But we have found that this expense can be managed.

Unfortunately, most companies only realize a small percentage of the total energy that can be saved.

Why? There can be many reasons that an energy management program may not be successful.
• lack of commitment
• unsuccessful employee outreach
• not enough resources and funding
• too many competing priorities

And the list can go on and on. But you take a closer look at this list, most of these issues companies face lead directly to one common cause: the lack of a well-structured strategic energy plan.

In order for companies to achieve noteworthy energy and cost savings, energy needs to be managed just as other operational costs. To help organizations, Strategic Energy Group, SEG, facilitates a structured approach to energy management.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM), also known as Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI), provides participating organizations with a comprehensive approach to energy management practices. There are workshops and webinars delivered monthly to aid this implementation process. Some of the key learnings throughout the program are:
1. Attaining Organizational Commitment
2. Creating and Effective Team
3. Utilizing Team Walkabouts
4. Establishing Performance Tracking
5. Implementing Energy Awareness
6. Producing a written Strategic Energy Management Plan
(These 6 areas are valuable aspects of the programs and will be discussed in greater detail in future blogs.)

Basically, implementing strategic energy management is the foundation your company needs to achieve persistent energy and cost savings over the long term. Instead of just individual projects, energy efficiency will become an integral part of your day to day business . . . and that’s how you achieve savings of 5% -15%, or more.

So what are you waiting for? Start reviewing your energy information and reach out to SEG to understand how we can help your organization save.

The First Step in a Structured Approach to Energy Efficiency Implementation

Have you been thinking about starting an energy program? It’s a big commitment; but, if implemented properly, it can be a very profitable one. So once your organization gives the green light, make sure you follow a structured approach to begin this valuable program.
Strategic Energy Group (SEG), works with both Utilities and individual organizations to ensure this program implementation follows a structured approach. This structured approach is delivered in modules over a 12- 24 month timeframe and are designed to ensure organizations succeed.

costs b1One of the first, and perhaps the most important, steps to this program is gaining executive level sponsorship. If executive level support for your energy program stops with the initial approval, you program runs the risk of failure. Your program sponsor should be someone like the plant or facility manager, the superintendent, or the head person in your office.

What is the role of your sponsor? It is actually pretty simple. As you go throughout the implementation process, keep your executive sponsor engaged by scheduling recurring meetings and include them in program sessions and team meetings when available. Ensure that they sign the energy scope and policy, demonstrating support and then ask them to host an employee kick-off or add energy efficiency to important meeting agendas. Also, get approval for proposed improvements, asking your sponsor for suggestions and implementation ideas.

An involved executive sponsor will keep people on board and on track by adding a high level view of why this initiative is so important. And they can also ensure enough time and resources are provided to the team members.
In short, ensuring your sponsor is informed and involved, can guarantee that energy stays high on everyone’s priority list, and this can mean the difference between successful program implementation vs. creating a sustainable program.
So what are you waiting for? Go get your sponsor involved!

Increasing Energy Efficiency Capital Project Savings Through a Manager Training Program

Improving GraphAt Strategic Energy Group, we help utilities and businesses achieve persistent energy savings and a strong competitive advantage. Through our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program, we drive change at every level of an organization using our groundbreaking continuous improvement methodology.

As a key player in establishing the field, we remain at the helm of SEM innovation through flagship programs for a number of utilities, including BC Hydro, which provides clean power to British Columbia residents. Since 2006, we have been working with BC Hydro to design and implement a strategic energy management framework into their PowerSmart Partner (PSP) Program. Incorporating CEI methodology, we assisted BC Hydro with the design of the Energy Manager Program, which is now the cornerstone of the PSP Program.

Our current role in this project is improving management practices, strategic energy planning, and navigating operational change for large industrial and commercial entities participating in the PSP Energy Manager Program. So far, the program has trained more than 80 energy managers who, in return, help BC Hydro’s clients use energy more efficiently. Energy efficiency involves more than turning off lights. True efficiency is incorporating energy management into every aspect of an organization’s operations. The original performance goal was to increase energy efficiency capital project savings by 20%. However, over course of three years, results show that customers participating in the program contribute an average of 58% more electrical energy savings from capital projects than similar customers that do not participate in the program.

Utilities like BC Hydro have the power to make a major impact on homes’ energy use. Through a strategic energy management program, they can accomplish this while also saving money and having more energy allocation options. SEG prides itself in providing end-users with the training needed to make efficient energy use a sustainable reality. Contact us today to discuss how SEG’s experts can help establish an energy training program for you and your end-users.