Improving GraphAt Strategic Energy Group, we help utilities and businesses achieve persistent energy savings and a strong competitive advantage. Through our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program, we drive change at every level of an organization using our groundbreaking continuous improvement methodology.

As a key player in establishing the field, we remain at the helm of SEM innovation through flagship programs for a number of utilities, including BC Hydro, which provides clean power to British Columbia residents. Since 2006, we have been working with BC Hydro to design and implement a strategic energy management framework into their PowerSmart Partner (PSP) Program. Incorporating CEI methodology, we assisted BC Hydro with the design of the Energy Manager Program, which is now the cornerstone of the PSP Program.

Our current role in this project is improving management practices, strategic energy planning, and navigating operational change for large industrial and commercial entities participating in the PSP Energy Manager Program. So far, the program has trained more than 80 energy managers who, in return, help BC Hydro’s clients use energy more efficiently. Energy efficiency involves more than turning off lights. True efficiency is incorporating energy management into every aspect of an organization’s operations. The original performance goal was to increase energy efficiency capital project savings by 20%. However, over course of three years, results show that customers participating in the program contribute an average of 58% more electrical energy savings from capital projects than similar customers that do not participate in the program.

Utilities like BC Hydro have the power to make a major impact on homes’ energy use. Through a strategic energy management program, they can accomplish this while also saving money and having more energy allocation options. SEG prides itself in providing end-users with the training needed to make efficient energy use a sustainable reality. Contact us today to discuss how SEG’s experts can help establish an energy training program for you and your end-users.