There are many things we do every day to save money, but there are also things which we do, without realizing that are wasting money. This week I looked into the electricity usage. Turn off things like the TV and plugs at the wall when not in use. The TV, on standby, uses up to 50% of the energy that it uses when it is on. The same applies to phone chargers and computers.

Use the washing machine only when it is full. If the sun is shining, hang the clothes on the washing line. If you are going to use your tumble dryer, make sure the clothes are not sopping wet when they go in as the laundry will take longer to dry. If you have a pool, set it to filter once every 24 hours and keep the pool covered. Obviously, if you have a heated pool, the heater should be turned off in winter, unless you swim every day or have solar heating. If you can move to solar or gas for your house, it will save you a lot of money eventually. Remember your load shedding survival kit:-Torches and lanterns, extra batteries, a small gas canister for boiling water or a pot of soup, and games to play to replace TV and computer games. Keep mobile phones fully charged at all times