Identifying O&M Savings Opportunities

Our knowledgeable and experienced technical team of engineers and building operations specialists work with each client and customer to jump start their energy management program by identifying low cost operational and behavioral changes that can be implemented immediately.  These one-on-one all day sessions train facilities staff on assessing existing systems and equipment operations, focusing on opportunities to improve operating performance to achieve significant energy savings without major capital investments, and helping to assure that when capital investments are made they continue to yield expected savings


One-on-One Mentoring

Change starts with people. From senior site officials to energy teams and individual energy champions, SEG provides one-on-one mentoring throughout our program implementation cycle and beyond to support long-term company-wide and departmental change. Mentoring support is provided in person, via phone, or online for successful implementation.


Safety & Environmental Training

Knowledgable SEG personnel offer safety and environmental training support for utilities and industrial customers.


Energy Efficiency Training

Strategic Energy Group (SEG) integrates training and mentoring into all our programs as a key component in supporting long-term, sustainable energy improvement. We understand the challenges of company-wide change adoption and guide you through the process with our assessments, training, and mentoring at all levels. We customize our training programs based on an organization’s goals and current level of energy efficiency adoption.


Energy Analysis & Savings Calculations

Our programs are guided by numbers. Before any program begins, SEG works with our clients to thoroughly analyze the organizations internal energy management practices and energy usage to establish a baseline for evaluating energy savings and organizational change.  As program implementation progress is made, we conduct continual analysis of organizational change through the use of our proprietary energy management business practice assessment tool, SEGEMA. Analysis of the organizational assessment results helps guide further training activities and enable definitive savings calculations to show a company’s return on investment.


Developing an Effective Energy Awareness Strategy

Studies in change management prove that organizational change is never fully complete until successfully implemented at the individual level.  Personnel alter their mind sets enough to modify behavior accordingly and permanently only through effective communication and awareness activities.  As such, SEG works to understand each organization’s business sector, current operating environment and unique culture to assist our clients in developing a custom-tailored energy awareness strategy. We utilize proprietary training workshops and tools including:

  • Executive Program Sponsorship Workshops
  • Energy Change Agent and Champion Workshops
  • Effective Utilization of Teams Workshops
  • Level of Adoption Assessments
  • Stakeholder Analysis Exercises
  • Messaging Parameter Development Activities
  • Signage and Tip Card Templates
  • Communication Plan Templates to organize Messaging Parameters for key Stakeholder groups
  • Acknowledgement and Reward Programs

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