Continuous Results

Sitting on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, Strategic Energy Group helps utilities and businesses achieve persistent energy savings and a strong competitive advantage. Our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program drives change at every level of an organization using our groundbreaking continuous improvement methodology. Our behaviorally based energy improvement programs aid utilities and organizations in achieving sustainable, long-term savings in energy consumption.


Unparalleled Energy Expertise

SEG was founded by three energy pioneers with more than 70 years combined experience. Our team was instrumental in SEM’s creation in North America, and continues to usher in the field’s key innovations. With decades of diverse experience and a unique multifaceted approach to energy management, SEG is the most qualified team in SEM today. Learn more about SEG’s leadership.


Cultural Change Strategy

Through our experiences, we have seen firsthand that energy management requires change in an organization’s culture. Unlike typical energy management providers, SEG combines engineering, operations, and change management expertise into a program that drives comprehensive energy improvement. The benefits of our program are clear: utilities experience persistent energy savings, verifiable resource acquisition benefits and improved customer relationships, while end users are equipped with the training required to achieve a long-term improved energy strategy.


Hands-On Training and Mentoring

Change starts with people. From senior site officials to energy teams and individual energy champions, SEG provides one-on-one mentoring throughout our program implementation cycle and beyond to support long-term company-wide and departmental change. Our team understands the challenges of company-wide change adoption and guides clients through the process with assessments, training, and mentoring at all levels. SEG’s performance tracking regression models, organizational management system evaluations, operating system evaluations, level-of-adoption assessments, and other tools ensure your progress is monitored every step of the way


Customized Approach

Our SEM program is designed and implemented for commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. In the last 10 years, our cost-effective SEM programs have been adopted by the customers of many prominent utility and energy services entities, including the Energy Trust of Oregon, Pennsylvania Power & Light Electric Utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric, Bonneville Power Administration, BC Hydro, Ontario Power Authority, and Efficiency Nova Scotia. Working closely with commercial, industrial and institutional clients, SEG develops and delivers an energy management program tailored to meet an organization’s specific goals and objectives. SEG is dedicated to helping utilities achieve their energy reallocation targets and equipping end-users with an action plan that ensures both entities benefit.


Proven Results Tracking

SEG’s process is results-driven from beginning to end. Our program utilizes whole building meter regression analysis that is compatible with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol Option C to measure actual energy savings. This proven system is currently used effectively by a number of SEG’s utility sponsored programs.

To provide utility and end-users with a streamlined tracking system, SEG also has built a proprietary M&V tool utilized for both customer performance tracking and utility impact evaluations. Customers can use the output to quickly recognize and address changes in performance so that results are always transparent, verifiable, and maintainable.