Commercial buildings can reduce energy consumption by an average of 5 to 20 percent for individual buildings without significant costs. Our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program helps utility and industrial customers achieve sustainable energy performance and economic gains, driving mindful energy use at every level of an organization.

Commercial Companies

Using continuous improvement methodologies, SEM is ideal for commercial companies that want to continuously improve their operating performance while reducing energy costs over the long-term. Combining our engineering, operations and behavioral expertise, our program addresses the primary hurdles commercial buildings face when pursuing successful energy management, including:

  • Securing senior management commitment
  • Identifying the operations champion(s)
  • Committing to specific energy savings goals and objectives
  • Tracking performance against self and others
  • Conducting an opportunity assessment
  • Improving energy management business systems
  • Achieving and sustaining energy management goals

SEG engages clients using a strategic approach refined over our decade of experience in the field. Our team combines one-on-one and group coaching, mentoring, and training to support all levels of management during the critical early adoption steps. As a result, participants gain an actionable energy plan, a committed staff, and the tools needed to monitor and chart their success at reducing energy costs for years to come.

Utility Programs

Advances in federal equipment efficiency standards and more enforced state energy codes have improved standard commercial retrofit and new construction practices. In response, utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs are finding new opportunities for achieving energy savings. Our SEM program helps utility programs by:

  • Strengthening the effectiveness of existing demand-side management offerings
  • Achieving a potential operational and behavioral energy savings of 5 to 20 percent
  • Using our extensive industrial and commercial experience to incorporate energy management into current operations, which supports continuous improvement

Persistent energy efficiency requires more than just turning off light switches or shutting down computers at the end of the night. To be sustainable, energy savings must be incorporated into a business’ operational strategy, leadership, and culture. Unlike typical energy management providers, SEG combines engineering, operations and change management expertise into a program that drives comprehensive energy improvement for commercial, industrial and institutional organizations.