Once you have an established energy management initiative in place, it’s critical to train new staff and participants in order to maintain your success. That’s why we created My Energy Coach, an online, self-paced energy efficiency coaching program. This program compresses the major elements of the CEI and SEM programs into a series of convenient 2-hour webinars.

My Energy Coach is ideal for smaller businesses looking for SEM training, or for past program participants who need to refresh or train employees on energy management strategy. My Energy Coach can also improve the skill sets of individuals that will be participating in an established energy management initiative and need to get up to speed.

SEG offers My Energy Coach for utilities and organizations that are in remote locations and already have a high-performing energy-efficient culture. My Energy Coach also serves as a refresher for organizations that have incurred leadership change and need to on-board a new energy manager.

In addition to our webinar series, SEG offers consulting with our experts via Internet or phone. Through these sessions, we provide coordinated support, guidance, and implementation of best practices.

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