Sitting on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, Strategic Energy Group (SEG) helps utilities and businesses achieve continuous energy savings and gain a strong competitive advantage. Our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program drives change at every level of an organization using our groundbreaking continuous improvement methodology. The end result: Utilities and Organizations experience persistent energy savings, improved customer relationships, and the training to achieve long-term improved energy strategies.
Since 2005, SEG has implemented customized SEM solutions for hundreds of companies across more than 1,000 sites in commercial and industrial sectors. With more than 70 years combined experience, SEG’s founders are uniquely qualified to lead our team of energy experts in serving utilities and commercial and industrial organizations across North America.

Our clients include: Energy Trust of Oregon, BC Hydro, IESO, Ontario Power Authority, Idaho Power, Bonneville Power Administration, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Efficiency Nova Scotia, Toronto Hydro, PPL Electric Utilities and hundreds of industrial and commercial organizations. SEG is headquartered in Portland, OR, with field offices in Sacramento, CA; Hayden, ID; and Vancouver, BC.

Our Mission

To provide environmentally responsible resource management that results in a competitive advantage for our clients.  To provide a rewarding work environment for our employees.

Our Values

  • Integrity – Engage in ethical and respectful dealings with clients and employees
  • Professionalism – Maintain a standard of excellence in all we do
  • Client Focus – Be passionate about understanding our client and exceeding their expectations



JIM VOLKMAN, Principal

A professional engineer, Jim Volkman developed and oversees our commercial program implementation. As the expert behind our measurement and verification processes, his technical reviews and energy performance tracking and monitoring tools ensure utilities and end users achieve verifiable energy savings.

Jim Volkman was nominated for the NEEA’s Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award Read More>>>


ED BIRCH, Principal

A seasoned manufacturing executive, Ed Birch spearheads SEG’s strategic energy management programs for industrial organizations, working closely with PPL Electric Utilities, PG&E, Energy Trust of Oregon, IESO and Efficiency Nova Scotia.



Fabian Biagetti is a change management expert who helps organizations develop structured approaches to overcoming SEM barriers. He has trained hundreds of executives and energy managers on continuous energy improvement strategies under BC Hydro’s Power Smart program

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